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Released: 17 November 2008


Located in the Dojo


Taken from the Sensei's dialogue ingame.

Each turn,
Both pupils pick a card to play.
Secret. Quiet. Like Ninja.

The peaceful water,
Brings its soothing harmony,
And defeats fire.

The white frigid snow,
Brings with it the winter's chill,
And freezes water.

Furious fire,
Brings its mighty, scorching heat,
And will melt the snow.

When cards are the same,
The match is not yet over.
Highest number wins.

How do I win a match?

Much like the Forest,
There are two paths you can walk,
To reach victory.

How do I become a ninja?

Stand in the Dojo,
Half an hour, very still.
No... wait. Just kidding.

To become ninja,
You must gain experience,
From winning matches.

As you master skills,
I will award you new belts,
Of different colors.

When you are black belt,
You must challenge me and win.
And I'm pretty good.

When you best my skill,
Then you will be true master,
And become ninja




Defeating Sensei and becoming a ninja awards the Ninja Mask face item.