Cannons of the Deep: Tips and FAQs

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Tips and FAQs

Tips and Tricks

POTCO Bullet When firing on another vessel, if you miss your target, change the angle up or down - the prompts will tell you whether you over or under shot the ship.
POTCO Bullet Upgrade your cannons and hull as soon as you get some extra gold. They'll help you win more sea battles.
POTCO Bullet Upgrade your ship's figurehead - each choice gives your ship extra power and protection in the midst of battle.
POTCO Bullet Use parlay to convince a peaceful merchant to bribe you rather than be attacked.
POTCO Bullet While sailing to another island you can gain easy earnings by attacking passing ships.
POTCO Bullet Sometimes it's okay to "Flee the Battle" if your opponent is too powerful and your ship is already badly damaged.
POTCO Bullet Scour the islands to find buried treasure and other valuable loot.
POTCO Bullet Don't play this game while you're driving a car!
POTCO Bullet Remember, purchased ship upgrades are different depending the island where you are ported.


How do I download Cannons of the Deep?

Text "PIRATES" to the number "DISNEY (347639)" to play Cannons of the Deep exclusively on your mobile phone. You will receive a text message in return with a link, click the link to being enjoying the game or simply enter into your phone's Web browser.

Icon cannons of deep.jpeg

What does it cost?

The game is available at no cost. Please note: Carrier charges may apply for sending and receiving text messages and for data usage accessing the mobile Web. You must have a data plan with your carrier service provider to access the mobile Web. Please contact your mobile service carrier in regards to questions about your service plan.

What phones are compatible with this game?

Any mobile Web enabled phone with a data service plan associated. Contact your carrier for specific handset or feature availability.

Can I play Pirates Online with my phone?

No, Cannons of the Deep is a different text based Pirate adventure meant to be an extension of the Pirates Online experience.

How can I check my account?

By logging in via the mobile game using your Pirates Online Account ID and Password, you can always access your Pirate information. You will be able to access your Pirate's stats and the Community leaderboards, as well as play Cannons of the Deep to earn items that enhance your online experience.

If my ship gets sunk on the mobile game, is my Pirates Online ship sunk too?

No, ships sunk on the mobile game do not damage your Online ship fleet.