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There are many short cuts to communicate by emotes and actions. To use the shortcuts, or quick keys, make sure to click outside of the text box at the bottom.

To follow is the complete list of quick keys.

Established Quick Keys

Quick Keys

Hidden Quick Keys

These key combinations are less known to most penguins.

Keys Symbol Action
E + D Emote-Day.jpg Day (Sun)
E + I Emote-Igloo.jpg Igloo
E + N Emote-Night.jpg Night (Moon and Stars)
E + Q Emote-StrawberryIceCreamCone.jpg Strawberry Ice Cream Cone
E + T Emote-Quack.jpg Penguin Quack (Sometimes referred to as a fart)
E + W Emote-ChocolateIceCreamCone.jpg Chocolate Ice Cream Cone
J (only) Emote-Joke-Q1.jpg Tell a Joke (the answer automatically follows)


The list of jokes and answers.


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