Buying Guest Rooms

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Press the shop button on your tool bar at the bottom of the screen Shopbutton.jpg


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Choose the Rooms tab and browse through available guest rooms. Guest rooms that are being sold tend to change as new rooms are added and others are taken away, so keep that in mind if you see a room you want.

The price of the room is displayed in the lower left hand corner of the window. Some rooms are more expensive than others.

When you have decided on the room you would like to purchase, click the Buy button.


Room Buying Window

After purchasing your room, a menu will appear which gives you the option of entering your new room or continuing where you were. This new option was added with the April updates.


Check out the Guest Room Catalog and Maps for detailed information about each of the Guest Rooms.

For information about designing your guest room, see the Guest Room Building Guide and the Guide to Creating a Successful Guest Room.

Most importantly...

Enjoy your new room!