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Fishing: Bingo


A Bingo Card

Work together with the other Toons at the pond to complete the card before the clock runs out, to win lots of jellybeans!


Hours: 12:00am - 11:59 p.m. PT ( 3:00 am. - 2:59 am EST. )

The Cards

  • Classic - any row, column, or diagonal of squares
  • Three Way - both diagonals and the center row
  • Four Corners - the four corners
  • Super Blockout - compete against all other ponds in the district to complete the entire

JellyBean Range for Bingo

  • Classic 10-30
  • Four Corners 10-40
  • Diagnols 10-80
  • Three Way 80-1300
  • Blockout 1000-10000

How To Play

  • Walk up to any pond during Bingo hours and cast your line.
  • When you catch a fish, click the flashing red square to mark off the Bingo card.
  • Boots are wild - they can be placed in any square on the card.
  • When your card is complete, click "Bingo."
  • You automatically says B I N G O! when you get Bingo, after pressing the button first.

Note: You can only choose one space per species: So if there are 5 Clown Fish spaces, you can only choose one when u catch one.

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