Aladdin Pinball

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What is Aladdin Pinball?

  • Aladdin Pinball us a pulse-pounding, action-packed pinball game set in the magical and mystical land of Agrabah. Defeat Jafar and save Princess Jasmine to win!
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  • Nonstop action with multiple pinballs.

  • 3 Exciting Boards - Agrabah Marketplace, Royal Palace, and Cave of Wonders.

  • Multiple Pinballs - Beat Jafar and score huge points with two pinballs!
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  • Game Challenges - Open the Cave of Wonders! Rescue Princess Jasmine!

  • Battle Jafar - Defeat Aladdin's enemy! Hit Jafar with your pinball to score big!
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  • Bonus Points - Ride Magic Carpet and knock down scimitars to raise your score!

How to Play


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  • For controls, please click the third thumbnail from the top. For tips & tricks, click the bottom thumbnail.

  • If you can't view the controls thumbnail, the down arrow key is the plunger (Ball launcher), the control (ctrl) buttons are the flippers (left and right arrow keys can also be used for the flippers), the shift keys are to tilt the board if your ball gets stuck (you can also press the space bar to bump the table), enter starts the game, and escape (esc) is for Help, Pause, and Quit.

Game Play

  • You start off on the giant Agrabah board, and you need to hit the two giant ramps to gain the halves of the golden scarab. When you have the two, go through the newly opened gate to The Cave of Wonders. Please note that though you have to re-launch your ball, it's the same one so you don't have to worry about losing balls this way.

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  • While in Agrabah, there are many side things, like gaining the letters in Aladdin's name for bonus points, or making the ball hit the four swords like the pirate cutouts in Pirate of the Caribbean Pinball for a ball save. Keep in mind that there are flippers on the palace! Use them to stay up there as long as you can! And when you've already gotten the scarab halves, you can try to go as high on the ramps as you can for an elevation bonus!
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  • When in The Cave of Wonders, you can win big by matching up the three pictures in the mini-game! Just hit the left side of the cave to play. Press the space bar to stop the pictures! Remember, you also get a prize for getting pictures that are all different.

  • Don't be upset if your ball got "eaten" by the magic lamp. you're given an extra one free! Just keep putting balls in the lamp, and when there are three in there, all three balls will launch at once! And even if you lost all three, you still get to use the three balls in Agrabah!

  • To move on to the next board, simply break the blockers on the path on the wall around the lamp. Once all blockers are destroyed, go on the path one more time to ride carpet out of there!