Toontown Central

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Welcome to Toontown! Toon HQ will give you a rundown of Toontown and everything that can help you in your battle against the cogs, then send you on your way to Flippy. Flippy will ask you to do various tasks, then send you to a Toon who will help you choose between your first new gag track - sound or toon-up.

After choosing what gag you'd like to train, Toon HQ will give you some easy tasks until you get more Laff points and your gags are stronger. Be careful what tasks you pick - some of them seem easy, but are a lot harder than you would think.

Mickey Mouse cannot help your toon with any tasks, but he does give you some helpful hints about Toontown. Be sure to use the ice cream cones if you're low on Laff. They only heal three Laff points, but that's all you'll need for now.

Once you have completed all the compulsory tasks from Toontown Central you will have:

  • A Laff point limit of 25
  • Training for your third gag track
  • The ability to carry 25 gags
  • The ability to carry 40 jellybeans
  • The ability to carry two ToonTasks
  • Teleport access to Toontown Central playground


You will then start to be offered tasks that need to be done in the next playground - Donald's Dock, but more of that later.

Toon Tips

  • You always have teleport access to Toontown Central. Go to Districts, click "Welcome Valley" and you will be taken to Toontown Central automatically.
  • Shop around for tasks - if you don't like the task offered then just click cancel and go to another shopkeeper of HQ Officer and see what tasks they will offer to you.
  • Each time you turn in a Toontask you Laff meter will be refilled.
  • Not all tasks offered to you need to be done in order to advance - some tasks are "Just for Fun". The rewards for these tasks can be jellybeans, change your Toon shape (eg small, big, transparent), or to get new clothes for your Toon.


If you need help with any of your ToonTasks, just click on the name of the shopkeeper who you first got it from...

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Three streets lead from Toontown Central. Most of your tasks while in Toontown Central will come from shopkeepers in these streets.

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