Rosetta's Perfect Mix (Quest)

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Rosetta's Perfect Mix
Rosetta's Perfect Mix is a repeatable quest you can get from Rosetta. Upon completion, you will receive a Bottle of Dahlia Pink Dye.

Prerequisites: None.

Released: 9 December 2010

Retired: 19 September 2013
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Quick Quest Guide

This Quest has 2 steps.

What you will need: 10 Honeycombs.

Quick Steps

  • Go to Rosetta's Garden and ask if she has any quests. Pick Rosetta's Perfect Mix.
  • Earn a score of 14,000 points on First Flight and return to Rosetta.
  • Gather 10 Honeycombs and give them to Rosetta.
  • Pick your reward and the quest is over.

In Depth Quest Guide

This is a full walk through for the quest, so if you're confused by any of the quick steps, hopefully these can help you out.

Head over to Rosetta's Garden in Cherryblossom Heights and ask her if she has any quests. The quest should pop up immediately and you'll be able to begin. Upon starting the quest, Rosetta will greet you:

Rosetta: "Oh, Pixie Name Here, I keep trying to make the PERFECT plant food, but it's just not working. I must have tried twenty times so far!"
"But I'm gonna keep trying till I get the recipe right!"
"I could use your help, sugar. I have a bottle of Dahlia Pink Dye I could give you in return. What do you say?"

Step 1

Accept this Quest?

Once you agree, Rosetta is thrilled and gives you the first step.

Rosetta: "Plant-astic! Let's see, I think I'll try using berry juice in the recipe this time."
"The juiciest berries grow in Neverfruit Grove. Could you go get some by playing First Flight?"

Fly to Neverfruit Grove. Earn 14,000 points playing First Flight. Return to Rosetta's Garden in Cherryblossom Heights when you are done!
Progress: # of 14,000

Story So Far You're helping Rosetta mix up some perfect plant food. Go play First Flight!

When you are finished talking to Rosetta, fly to Neverfruit Grove and enter Flapaway Point. Play First Flight until you reach a score of at least 14,000 points (whether in one shot or cumulative). Once you are finished playing, go back to Rosetta.

Step 2

I played First Flight with the Minister of Summer!

Rosetta: "Look at all those berries you got! They look perfect for my plant food recipe!"
"Next I need Honeycombs. While I juice these berries, could you gather Honeycombs for me?"

Gather 10 Honeycombs and bring them to Rosetta's Garden in Cherryblossom Heights!
Progress: # of 10

Story So Far You're helping Rosetta mix up some perfect plant food. Gather Honeycombs!

An ingredient collecting task! You are looking for Honeycombs if you don't have 10 already. Once you get the required 10 Honeycombs, give them to Rosetta.

Your Reward

I have Honeycombs for Rosetta!

Rosetta: "Great, sugar! Now I need to test my new recipe!"
"But first, thanks tons for all your help. Here's your bottle of Dahlia Pink Dye. Remember, I'm the only one who makes it!"
"You know, sugar, I'm gonna keep working on this recipe until it's PERFECT. So if you'd like to help me again, I'd sure appreciate it!"

You get a Bottle of Dahlia Pink Dye as shown below as your reward, as well as earn 20 Talent Points upon completion.

Name Image Current Location and Price Description Notes
Bottle of Dahlia Pink Dye Image:Bottle of Dahlia Pink Dye.png
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Reward item from the Rosetta's Perfect Mix quest available to Members Only.

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A cool pink made from the petals of a Dahlia flower. Released: 9 December 2010