Playful Pollywogs (Quest)

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Playful Pollywogs
Playful Pollywogs is a repeatable quest you can get from Silvermist. Upon completion, you will receive a Bottle of Creek Green Dye.

Prerequisites: None.

Released: 14 September 2010

Retired: 19 September 2013
Spoiler Warning!

Quick Quest Guide

This Quest has 2 steps.

What you will need: 18 Honeycombs.

Quick Steps

  • Go to Silvermist's Grotto and ask if she has any quests. Pick Playful Pollywogs.
  • Practice Tailor any belt from Mendy's Tailoring Nook in any color and give it to Silvermist.
  • Gather 18 Honeycombs and give them to Sil.
  • Pick your reward and the quest is over.

In Depth Quest Guide

This is a full walk through for the quest, so if you're confused by any of the quick steps, hopefully these can help you out.

Head over to Silvermist's Grotto in Dewdrop Vale and ask her if she has any quests. The quest should pop up immediately and you'll be able to begin. Upon starting the quest, Silvermist will greet you:

Silvermist: "Pixie Name Here, do you know what pollywogs are? They're little fish that grow up to be frogs."
"While they're pollywogs, they swim underwater. Oh, they're so cute! One of my jobs is to teach them to swim their best."
"I make it a game. They have to swim through hoops to get a prize! Then they each take a hoop home to practice."
"It seems like I always need more hoops. Would you like to help me make one? I can give you a bottle of Creek Green Dye in return!"

Step 1

Accept this Quest?

Once you agree, Silvermist is thrilled and gives you the first step.

Silvermist: "Splashtastic! Now guess what I use as hoops -- tailored belts! I just loop them into a circle, and there you go!"
"That means you need to go to Mendy's Tailoring Nook and make any belt you like. You can pick the color, too!"

Fly to Mendy's Tailoring Nook in Maple Tree Hill. Use Practice Tailoring to make any belt you choose in any color dye. Fly to Silvermist's Grotto in Dewdrop Vale when you are done!
Progress: # of 1

Story So Far

You're helping Silvermist teach pollywogs to swim. Fly to Mendy's Tailoring Nook and use Practice Tailoring make [sic] any belt you like using any color!

Fly over to Maple Tree Hill and enter Mendy's Tailoring Nook. Choose Practice Tailoring and make any belt you want. Select any color you like! You can choose to either do all the steps, or just one of them. Once you finish tailoring, return to Silvermist.

Step 2

I made a belt for Silvermist!

Silvermist: "Good work! You're a much better tailor than I am, raindrop."
"Oh, but the belt isn't finished yet. I'll need to stiffen it so that it will hold a loopy shape underwater. I use Honeycombs for that."
"Will you gather some Honeycombs?"

Gather 18 Honeycombs and bring them to Silvermist's Grotto in Dewdrop Vale!
Progress: # of 18

Story So Far

You're helping Silvermist teach pollywogs to swim. Gather Honeycombs!

An ingredient collecting task! You are looking for Honeycombs if you don't have 18 already. Once you get the required 18 Honeycombs, give them to Silvermist.

Your Reward

I have Honeycombs for Silvermist!

Silvermist: "Perfect! I'll stiffen the belt with a honeycomb glaze, and then it will be ready to use!"
"Thank you for helping me, Pixie Name Here. Here's your bottle of Creek Green Dye. Remember, I'm the only one who has it!"
"Come back anytime you want to help make more pollywog hoops, okay? I always need more!"

You get a Bottle of Creek Green Dye as show below as your reward, as well as earn 20 Talent Points upon completion.

Name Image Current Location and Price Description Notes
Bottle of Creek Green Dye Bottle of Creek Green Dye.png
Click here for color examples
Reward item from the Playful Pollywogs quest available to Members Only.

Click here for price history
A cool, gentle shade of green like the moss covered rocks in a creek. Released: 14 September 2010