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Yavn Speaks! Yavn Speaks!


Community Reminder

From 13 March

Remember, it's against the VMK Values to create or open ANY type of 'relationship' room (rooms that include words like 'meet,' 'pick,' 'get,' 'find,' 'have,' 'taken,' etc.) in VMK. You'll be warned and possibly banned for opening any type of room that promotes this activity.

For more information or a reminder of what's acceptable in VMK refer to the VMK Values page.

VMK @ Disneyland

(From 1 June 2007)

Thanks for Playing!

The in-Park Questing portion of VMK will be end at Disneyland on June 3rd, 2007. When the Park closes on Sunday night, June 3rd, VMK Central in Tomorrowland will close and no longer redeem any Quest or distribute any Rewards.

Why is this happening?

VMK was launched for the 50th Anniversary of Disneyland. The game has been enormously successful but the in-Park Quest and Rewards were only meant to be temporary – we've gone well beyond the original time we planned to run the Quest and Rewards in-Park at Disneyland.

Can I turn in Quest to Disneyland after VMK Central is gone?


Can I take my Disneyland Quest to Walt Disney World?

No. Walt Disney World doesn't have the same rewards or a system in place to take the Disneyland Quest.

When is the last day I can play or redeem a Quest at Disneyland?

The last day you can play or redeem a Quest at Disneyland is June 3rd.

So I won't be able to get any more VMK Cards at Disneyland?

The regular Reward Cards that you receive as prizes for completing Quest won't be available after June 3rd, but there will still be select merchandise locations (like The Magic Shop on Main Street) that will have merchandise cards (like the Magic Mirror) available at those locations. Look for more announcements related to this program in the future.

Does this mean VMK is going to end?

No. The game continues going strong – and we've got some exciting additions coming in the next few months – so stay tuned! Plus, you can still go Questing in-Park at Walt Disney World

Account Problems

Added on 18 May 2007

Have you tired logging into VMK after a few months only to find your VMK account has been deleted?

Because of the size of our community we have to delete accounts that are inactive for more than 6 months to make room for new players - so if you haven't played in a while, be sure to log in every now and then (even if just for a few minutes) and keep your account active!

Disney H2O

(From 1 June 2007)

Dive in and create a splash with the coolest Water Parks in the world! It's Water Parks month in VMK! Have a splashing good time with these fun facts about our Water Parks!

Water Parks Month

For more information on getting wet at Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach check out VMK H20.

Summit Plummet

Take the 120-foot drop on Summit Plummet!

  • Blizzard Beach has 21 waterslides! It opened in 1995 and is the largest water park at Walt Disney World covering 66 acres.
  • Climb the mountain that is Summit Plummet at Blizzard Beach! Gaze in awe at the view of Central Florida and then take the plunge on the near-vertical 120-foot-tall chute! The free fall speeds by at almost 60 mph!
  • Summit Plummet is twice as high as Humunga Kowabunga, Typoon Lagoon's Biggest Water Slide.
  • Teamboat Springs at Blizzard Beach is the world's longest family raft ride, it stretches 1,200 feet through the Water Park.
  • Did you know you can swim with the fishes at Typhoon Lagoon? It's true, the 362,000-gallon saltwater filled Shark Reef gives you an opportunity to get up close and personal with tropical fish and other sealife.
  • The wave pool at Typhoon Lagoon is one of the world's largest, holding 2.75 million gallons of water. It pumps out surfing-sizes waves all day long.

Event Info Event Info

Host Event Highlights – This weekend! June 2nd & 3rd

Water park Slide-A-Thon June 23rd & 24th

NEW! Room Makeovers Every Tuesday and Thursday

Check the Community Calendar for more events, details and event times.

Host Event Highlights – this weekend!

Saturday – Watch out in Shark Reef by HOST_Phinny. Choose the correct teleporter and you win! Sunday – Can you save HOST_Hula in Save the Stranded Swimmer?

Water Park Slide-A-Thon

June 23rd & 24th

Join us on these days riding on the VMK Waterpark Slide-A-Thon. Each day the prize that you receive for riding each time will be different. Just remember to bring a towel and as always no running when there is water on the floor.

Room Makeovers

Every Tuesday and Thursday

Each week we select a VMKer at random for a Room Makeover, then we turn our talented team of Room Designers loose to review the room and put thier design skills to work! We post the results here, including BEFORE and AFTER pics - plus tips you can use to make your own rooms better!

Submit your room for a Makeover using Contact Us.

The Winner this week is: asombriebrie

Let's take a look at this week's room - with HOST_Sparky



I came across asombriebrie's rather empty room and asked what she was up to. She was trying to make a cozy home where she could spend her time when she's not playing Castle Fireworks remixed. To make one big room into an entire VMK home would be tough so we decided to use rugs to make each area a different section. Here's how we did:

First we used the Pirate Treasure Rugs for the bedroom, the Heart's Playing Card Carpet for the living room, Bear Rugs for the cozy den, and Alice (or ALR) Red Rugs for the kitchen. We then used the existing fireplace and Haunted Mansion Rocking Chairs for the den. Now that we had all our rooms, it was time to start placing the furniture!

A Pirate Throne and Pirate Map Table make an excellent study desk. Two Queen of Hearts Thrones and Huntsman's Heartless Hampers in asombriebrie's favorite color make just enough seating for a living room. A few Captain's Quarters Couches made a comfy sleeping area. In the kitchen, a matching blue Madame Leota Table and Barrel Chairs make the perfect dining spot!


BEFORE. Let's turn this house into a VMK home.


AFTER. Home sweet home.

Finally, for food options we added Penny Presses and an Aquarium Water Cooler. A pair of Lumiere's add just the right glow to the room and a pretty Tiki Tiki Fountain and an entryway made from Alice Shrubs and Arches make the perfect entrance into a lovely new home.

Thanks Asombriebrie's for letting me remodel the place - VMKer's be sure and stop by and say hello!

- HOST_Sparky

Top 5 FAQsTop 5 FAQs

This week's Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions

For more answers to other Frequently Asked Questions, please visit the VMK FAQs.

1. Why can't I tell my friends in VMK what grade I just finished in school?

Finishing any grade is a huge accomplishment and from everyone at VMK, CONGRATULATIONS!

However, part of keeping VMK safe means keeping your personal information to yourself. Nobody should EVER know where you live, how old you are, or even what grade you just finished. So, keep your identity safe and guard your personal information at all times!

2. I'm having trouble with the Bridge to Terabithia Trivia Game!

If you're have trouble playing the Bridge to Terabithia Trivia Game get your parents to help you clear your internet history this is also called "clearing your browser cache." We've found that if you do this before playing the game it runs much better.

Terabithia Treehouse Chair

Get the Terabithia Treehouse when you correctly answer ten questions in The Bridge to Terabithia Trivia Game.

3. Who are VMK Staff?

VMK Staff are specially trained VMK team members that are responsible for helping you and making sure VMK is a fun and safe environment for all players. All VMK Staff can be spotted by our special uniforms and red Mickey Mouse ears.

VMK Staff

We're here to help! But we're also here to have fun, so say hi!

4. If I make a bad trade, can VMK get back my lost items?

No we can't return items you lost in a trade. When you enter into a trade, you do so at your own risk - so make sure you're getting what you expect by CHECKING THE TRADE WINDOW before you accept a trade.

To do this, scroll ALL the way to the bottom of your trade window and make sure the items you want and are offering are in the trade window. And remember - don't loan your items or let players 'try them on.' You work very hard for your pins, clothes and furniture - don't let them slip away in a bad trade!

5. I've sent in a problem using Contact Us but no one has replied - why haven't I heard from anyone?

We respond to every email we get within 24 hours - but some email providers (like,,,,, and Earthlink) block our responses.

If you use any of the email providers listed above, or haven't gotten a response from us, this is the reason.

Some email providers have Spam Filters that automatically block email from an unknown source and you have to tell the program (the email application) to allow email from that source. To get email from VMK, go into the preferences for your mailbox and allow mail from: [email protected] (Please note, this email address DOES NOT receive email except via the Contact Us form.)

You also have the option to submit an alternate email address in the Contact Us tool (this option is under the Send Details box) if your provider won't take our replies. We suggest setting up another email account, like to get our replies

Yeti's Tips & Tricks

You've got questions, Yeti has answers.

From 23 May 2007

This week the Yeti's got tips for getting better scores in Castle Fireworks remixed, using VMK codes and Room Makeovers!

It's me, the Yeti! I'm back with great game tips and virtual advice to help you get the most out of VMK! What do you say, let's start summer a little early with a few pointers for some pre-summer Castle Fireworks remixed fun!

Castle Fireworks remixed:

Getting Better Scores!

1. Castle Fireworks remixed offers the bronze medal for a score of 3,900, while silver medals can be had with a score of 4,400. Practice makes perfect - so keep playing for better scores. (Me thinks all this pirate talk has given you gold fever! So remember: ten times in first place promises you a golden place in VMK!)

Castle Fireworks Remixed

2. Practice patience and don't explode fireworks too soon! Instead, give them a chance to flash before you click them to make sure you earn the maximum number of points every time!

3. Focus, focus, focus! Concentrate and choose the corresponding firework (and make sure they match) before you explode the firework to earn better points!

4. Having trouble matching fireworks and clicking at the same time? Get help - have a friend work the arrow keys while you click the mouse until you gain some confidence.

In Control:

Basic and Advanced VMK Game Tips

Why are the speech bubbles of the avatars different colors?

In a crowded area like Main Street some times it's tough to figure out who's who. Or exactly which avatar is saying what - but just check out a character's shirt color. Speech bubbles are outlined in the same color as the characters shirt.

Speech Bubbles

You'll never get lost in a crowded room again!

Not only are speech bubbles matched, but so are the sail colors for your pirate galleon in Peter Pan's Flight. So is your wetsuit - it will match the colors of you shirt and pants.

Pirate Ships

VMK fashion? Color coordinated pirate galleons!

Where can I find codes for VMK and how do I enter them?

You can get codes from cards that are given as rewards for completing Quest at the Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World. Codes are also in online games (like the Bridge to Teribithia Trivia game, the Pirates Dead Man's Chest game or the Adventure of Narnia game!

Stuff Button

Codes are easy to enter and exchange for your prizes. Just point your character to a public or private room (listed on the top of the main screen) and click on the STUFF icon (the little chair button) at the bottom left of your screen to open your STUFF window.

Codes Window

Click CODES in the STUFF window. When the input fields appear enter in your code four digits at a time (four in each box) and press OK at the end – then collect your prize.

Room Makeover Tips

Room Makeovers are still going strong in VMK - if you haven't been selected for a Makeover don't worry, but don't wait either, makeover your own room using this handy tip!

Getting off the Ground

The simplest piece of furniture in VMK turns out to be one of the most useful! To give a room height and dimension try using crates. Go a step further and use crates in different colors to give a drab rooms a little zest! Stack crates two, three, or four high to elevate chairs, tables and more! Also try stacks of crates to create fun games: crates work great for outlining a track for a race! Just fill in the remaining space with water rugs! Drape rugs across two sets of crates for a platform – the possibilities are endless! Any way you stack them, you can't go wrong!

Be sure to check out Yeti's Tips and Tricks every week for tips on building better rooms, getting higher scores and other VMK secrets.

Push's Trash Trivia Push's Trash Trivia


Soon Nemo and friends will swim here. Name the very first attraction every to "take float" in the Tomorrowland lagoon?

Know the answer?

Send your answer in using Contact Us. Be sure to have your VMK registration info with you and select Push's Trash Trivia from the drop down menu.

From the correct answers we randomly select three players as the winners and send them a cool prize.

Hurry – only entries submitted by the close of game on Friday will be accepted.

Here's the answer to last weeks Push Trivia question:

Question: Long before Captain Jack Sparrow ransacked theaters this 1968 Disney film featured another famous pirate as the main character – can you name the film and the movie's star?

Answer: The movie is Blackbeard's Ghost and the actor is Peter Ustinov.

Blackbeard's Ghost

Everybody cracks up… when the nuttiest pirate of them all pops into the 20th century!

Arrgh! Tis true matey, Johnny Deep was not Disney's first feature film pirate, that honor goes to Peter Ustinov who starred in the 1968 live-action Disney classic Blackbeard's Ghost.

Blackbeard's Ghost is the story of Blackbeard who (like the pirates in the first Pirates of the Caribbean film) is 'cursed' and must perform a good deed to break the spell.

Did you know: At Disneyland the Imagineers have even put a nod to the film on the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction! Towards the end of the ride, look for two pirates hauling a pile of loot up the hill. Atop the stash of loot sits a painting of Blackbeard, it's a replica of the painting used in the actual film.

Here are the 3 lucky (and randomly picked) players that sent in the correct answer for our last week's question!




Push Trivia Pin

Congratulations! You've won a limited edition Push Trivia Pin!

Top Players Top Players

What makes a Guest Room award-worthy?

Guest or Game Rooms that stand out show originality in concept and design. It could be a use of conventional furniture in unconventional ways, the use of a theme or color, or humor.

How can I nominate someone?

Got a cool Guest Room you want the Kingdom to know about? Do you know someone that has a great hangout spot and want to tell the world? Then nominate yourself or someone else for Best Game, Best Guest or Best Quest.

It's easy – just click on the Contact Us link at the bottom of any VMK webpage and follow the prompts, then select 'Nominate the Best.' It's that easy! The VMK staff will review the player rooms and Quest nominated and post the winners here!

Best Guest Room Greenhpper wins top honors this week in the Best Guest Room category.

Game rooms that get the nod offer a new game idea or a new twist on an old favorite. In all rooms we look for room owners who welcome everyone with a smile and show a willingness to answer questions about their room.

Check out this week's Best Guest Rooms and Best Game Rooms.

Best Guest Rooms

Bgr award.jpg

Click to Enlarge
Greenhpper has created the VMK Biggest Cake! room. This room is to recognize that VMK has almost been around for 2 years. Stop by and have a bite of cake while your at it.

Best Game Rooms

Bg award.jpg

Click to Enlarge
Oh no! Our favorite ride Everest has caught fire! In Save Everest! you must race through the tracks to the water and back to see if you have what it takes too help BlueJalepeno and save Everest.

Best Player Quests

Bq award.jpg

Click to Enlarge
So you think you can handle CL_SillyQueen's Boot Camp Quest? Well if you are up to the challenge go and give this great quest a try along with her many other quests.

Players who have been previously recognized for their design talents will receive the VIP award.

VMK Cards VMK Cards


Get the Mickey Mouse Television by correctly completing 3 or more Quest at Disneyland or Walt Disney World – then redeem the code in-game for this cool virtual prize!

Mickey Mouse Television

Check out the VMK Rewards Card Checklist and make sure you have all the VMK bling! What cards do you have in your collection?

Scam Alert Scam Alert

Watch out for promises of Free Stuff!

Watch out for 'Cute–or–Boot' rooms! Just because an item is promised when you enter a room does not mean the player will award the item, so beware! If you are scammed by a player in one of these rooms report them immediately!

Use caution when Trading!

Before you complete a trade take a second and review your trade window! This is very important! You want to make sure the item, or items, you are trading for are actually inside the trade window before you accept the trade!

To do this, scroll all the way to the bottom of the trade window, confirm the items are there and then - once you're satisfied the trade is fair - accept the trade.

REMEMBER: It's up to you to keep track of your stuff and your trades! If you knowingly enter into a trade and get scammed because you didn't check the trade window, we cannot be responsible that you didn't get your stuff.

Staff impersonation is NOT allowed in VMK!

Impersonation is never allowed in VMK. If a player says they are VMK Staff, make sure they're wearing the orange Mickey Pin and wearing either red (for Staff and HOSTS) or blue (for QA) Mickey ears.

Cast Member Badge

VMK Staff will always wear the orange Mickey Pin.

Staff Outfits

You can always spot STAFF and HOSTS because they wear red Mickey ears.

Community Leader Badge

You can identify a Community Leader by the 'CL_' at the beginning of their name and their blue wizard hat pin.

Remember, VMK Staff will never ask you to trade any items. If you have other questions check out the FAQs page!

Safety Corner Safety Corner

Summer Fun!

Summer's almost here! That means many of you will take a break from school and work to spend more time in VMK! Here are a few tips for a safe and fun VMK summer!

Keep your personal information private.

Summer means one thing - school's out! And while we're very proud that you've made it to a new grade, or graduated from your school, please remember it is against the VMK Values to give out personal information of any kind. Even if it's just to say what grade you just finished, giving out personal information (of any kind) is NOT ACCEPTABLE and WILL GET YOU BANNED.

Dictionary Dancing

Bad words have no place in VMK and neither do words that sound or read like bad words (but are spelled differently). The VMK Dictionary will never allow players to use bad words. 'Dancing" around the VMK Dictionary to say bad words in chat by changing words so they resemble bad words WILL GET YOU BANNED – because even though the word may not be the actual word, the meaning is still the same.

Adult content is NEVER allowed in VMK!

You know what we mean by "adult" content – this is a word, phrase or action that would make your mother blush and your dad tell you to "go to your room!" We can't send you to your room but we can ban you from VMK - we don't want to but we have to keep the community safe and fair for everyone. So please play nicely - from pirate battles to room Quests and games - keep your chat and your actions appropriate for the community!

Help is always available.

The VMK 'Call For Help' button is easy to use and always accessible – just click on the HELP button on the lower right of the VMK player window. At VMK we encourage you to let us know if anything unsafe or suspicious catches your attention. If it's not in line with VMK Values, please report it!

Call For Help

HELP Tip: Remember the 'Call For Help' is like VMK's 911. So while we encourage you to use it, please only do so for serious player issues. If you do have a serious problem, tell us immediately! The faster you use the 'Call For Help' button to make us aware of a problem, the more effective we can be in taking care of the issue. So please, tell us immediately if you have a serious problem and help make VMK a fun and safe place for everyone.

How do I avoid getting 'BANNED' from VMK?

If you think your chat or your actions might get you banned, you should immediately review the VMK Values.

If you have a question about what is or isn't okay, you can ask us using Contact Us.


Quests Quests

In-Park Quests!


Pirates of the Caribbean Quest

Play the latest VMK In-Park Quest now at the Magic Kingdom® and Disneyland® - search for the answers hidden in the attraction and earn the Pirates Fortress Room for VMK!


Going to Disneyland® Park or Magic Kingdom® Park? Take a Quest with you! Play in-Park and win cool prizes!

Tomorrowland Quest! This out-of-this-world adventure is fun and rewarding. You can win a Inner-Space Suit Magic Spell for your virtual character.

High School Musical Quest! Watch the movie, visit the Parks and answer all the questions to win cool stuff!

Get the Thrill Seekers Quest for the Walt Disney World® Resort here!

Contact Us Tips Contact Us Tips

Problems? Contact Us!

When you use Contact Us to ask a question or report an issue, please be aware of the following:

If you use AOL or EarthLink for e-mail, you won't receive our response, as AOL e-mail filters block our replies. Please provide an alternative e-mail in the Contact Us form where it asks for your e-mail address.

Some Spam Filters will automatically block e-mail from an unknown source unless you tell the program to allow it: To get email from VMK, allow mail from [email protected] (Please note this email address does not receive e-mail except via the Contact Us form.)