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  • My VMK first appeared on the VMK Home Page on 20 December, 2006.

What is it?

  • My VMK is a function on that allows users to see how many credits they have and what pins they are currently wearing on their avatar, without actually logging into the game.
  • This function also allows users to save Video Mashups, their favorite Disney attractions, and other disney favorites for others to see.

My Video Playlist

  • The VMK Website has videos of your favorite attractions. Now with your playlist you can add some of your favorite attractions and with a click on your playlist you can see a video of the attraction.
  • You can also add some of your favorite mini-games to your list.
  • You can add attractions and games by visiting the attraction's page and clicking the white button "add to playlist". See picture

How to Use It

  • To use My VMK, simply bring up the homepage and click into a section of the site, such as the newsletter. Once there, you will see on the left-hand side of the screen, a log in. Log in here with your VMK account information.
Welcome Screen In order to sign into My VMK click "Sign in" on the initial welcome screen. This will bring up the Sign In screen which allows you to enter your user information.
In the Sign In screen, players enter their username and passwords which are the same as used for logging into VMK. Once the information has been entered, click the "Sign In" button to enter My VMK. Sign In Screen
Welcome Screen The My VMK screen gives displays the name of your character, the amount of credits your character currently has, and some of your pins. Logged into my VMK, you can now start adding to your list.
To add an attraction or a game to your list, look for the "Add to My List" button and simply click it to have it appear on your list. Welcome Screen

Things To Take Note Of

  • As of 22 December 2006 My VMK does not have your current pins you are wearing and will only show 10.