Leafy Necklace

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Name Collection Item Type Image Current Location, Price, and Quality Description Notes
Leafy Necklace Pixie Hollow Secret Code Items

Bim's Puffies Collection by Bim Bubblebell

Necklaces Leaf-and-Bloom Necklace.Png
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Special item from: Secret Codes
  • Quality: 95

and sold in
Summit Style

Make an elegant entrance wearing this special piece. For an unknown period of time, the Secret Code for this item rewarded the Daffodil Yellow Rose Cami. It has hence returned to rewarding the Leafy Necklace.

Originally named Leaf-and-Bloom Necklace

Released: 16 July 2009 (in stores)
Retired: 1 October 2009 (from stores)


Leafy Necklace

Store Availability

Store Price Quality Dates
Summit Style 64 Dandelion Fluff 95 16 July 2009 to 1 October 2009