Donald's Dock

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Welcome to Donald's Dock! If you're visiting this Playground, then you have probably finished Toontown Central tasks and proved yourself to be a strong, budding toon. Donald Duck watches over this Playground, and there are no more puny ice cream cones - now there are starfish that heal 10 Laff! Also, Toon HQ is confident of your abilities after how well you helped Toontown Central shopkeepers and gives you the opportunity for another new gag track - drop or lure.

Be sure to get yourself aquainted to the new Playground as fast as possible - some streets have some cogs that you've never seen on them before, and in order to truly test you, Toon HQ is now giving you quests for buildings. The shopkeepers will no longer give out simple tasks - while they may only ask for one item, it will be difficult to receive or from a cog that is very rare.

Enjoy Donald's Dock while you can. It doesn't get any easier from here on out, and who knows what the cogs will do next...


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