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Create a Fairy


Create a Fairy
Create a Fairy

The option to play as a Fairy or Sparrow Man is given to you.

Create a Fairy

After you have selected the gender you wish to play as, click the Next button on the right.

Customizing your Fairy or Sparrow Man

Choose from different sizes, faces, hairstyles, and wings to customize your Fairy or Sparrow Man.


Here you can choose your Fairy or Sparrow Man's face, as well as eye and skin colors. There are 19 different Fairy faces and 10 different Sparrow Man faces to choose from, as well as 18 different eye and skin colors.

For more information about the different face options, see Fairy Face Options.


On this screen, players choose their Fairy or Sparrow Man's Hairstyle as well as Hair Color. Pick the style that best suits your Fairy or Sparrow Man. Fairies and Sparrow Men have 3 different Hair Front and Hair Back options to choose from. Once you have the Hairstyle you like, you can choose from one of the 7 available Hair Colors.

For more information about the different hairstyle options, see Fairy Hairstyle Options.

Wing Style

There are 6 different Wings Styles to choose from. This screen allows you to pick the style of wing you want your Fairy or Sparrow Man to have.

For more information about the different wing options, see Fairy Wings Style Options.


On average, Fairies and Sparrow Men are about 5 inches tall. Here you can choose to make your Fairy different sizes. Fairies can either be "Short" or "Shorter", and "Little" or "Littler". The range of heights for Fairies and Sparrow Men goes from 5 1/2 inches to 4 1/2 inches.

Once you have finished customizing your Fairy or Sparrow Man, click the Next button on the right to continue.

Choose Your Talent

Queen Clarion asks you what talent you will be. Each talent gives your Fairy different abilities and will determine the items your fairy starts with for their home.

Players can choose from Animal, Garden, Light, Tinker, or Water Talents for their Fairy or Sparrow Man.

For more information about the different talent options, see Fairy Talents.

Famous Fairy Mentor

Depending on which talent you choose, a famous fairy will greet you and ask you your name.

Talent Famous Fairy Mentor
Animal Fawn
Garden Rosetta
Light Iridessa
Tinker Tinker Bell
Water Silvermist

Your Fairy or Sparrow Man Name

Name Options
Now it's time to select a name for your Fairy or Sparrow Man.

Browse through the lists of possible names to create a name fit for your Fairy or Sparrow Man.

You can choose to have just a first name, just a last name, or both a first and a last name.

To turn either the first or last name on/off, click the circle that appears above the corresponding option.

The "Pick For Me" button will create a random name which might provide some needed inspiration.

Save and Post to Facebook

Save and Post to Facebook

Once you have finished creating your Fairy or Sparrow Man, you are given the option of posting a photo and message of your new Arrival to Facebook, or you may click "Cancel" to skip this step.

If you are not happy with your selections, pressing the X button in the top right corner will bring you back to the creation process of your Fairy or Sparrow Man.

Create a Fairy History

See Create a Fairy History for more information.

Players were invited to Create a Fairy during the Pixie Hollow Pre-Beta times. Most Fairy creation options remained the same between Pre-Beta and Beta, however with the start of Beta on 20 September 2008 the creation menus got a boost of color compared to the Pre-Beta Create a Fairy ones as well as some additional wardrobe items to choose from.

On 19 December 2008, major changes were made to the Create a Fairy options. These included the ability to choose a Tinker Talent Fairy as well as limited clothing choices and colors to certain talents. For information on the Create a Fairy options from 20 September 2008 to 19 December 2008 see this page.

The Create a Fairy system was completely revamped on 4 September 2009. Players no longer chose their own clothing and instead all fairies started out with the same Arrival Day Outfit.

On 22 April 2010, Sparrow Men were added to the Hollow as an option.

On 17 June 2010, hairstyles and hair color options were minimized.

Starting from 10 November 2011, all newly created accounts now only have one space to create their Fairy or Sparrow Man. All free accounts created prior to this date have lost their free spaces, but are returned to them after activating Membership. You are also no longer able to delete any of your Fairies or Sparrow Men.